Post-Divorce Modification

Post-Divorce Modification

Experienced Assistance With Child and Spousal Support Modifications

The orders in a divorce decree take into account a set of factors as they exist when the divorce occurs. However, over the course of time, circumstances can change that make some of the original divorce orders seem obsolete. A family law lawyer can assist you if you’ve experienced life changes that call for a modification of your child support, child custody, visitation or spousal support arrangements.

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Post-Divorce Modification of Court Orders

At the Law Offices of Friske & Hilliard, our attorneys have extensive experience with post-divorce modification of court orders. With a focus on protecting our clients’ interests, we can help you make sure your arrangements reflect your current situation. Our goal is to make sure all of our clients are treated fairly and equitably.

Specifically, our attorneys, Albert Friske and Stefanie Hilliard, can assess your needs and file appropriate motions in court for modification of a child support, visitation or child custody, or spousal support order that is no longer applicable. In many cases, Albert and Stefanie can also use alternative methods of reaching agreements.

Modifying Child Support and Spousal Support

In California, a parent can modify a child support order if life changes warrant it. In recent years, the most common change involves a reduction in income that one parent has experienced due to difficult economic conditions. If you have experienced a job loss that is making it difficult for you to pay child support, talk to an attorney as soon as possible, since modification does not work retroactively.

Relocation and custody changes can also prompt the need to modify child support orders. By the same token, income changes, remarriage and other factors can make modification of spousal support possible.

Modifying Child Custody and Visitation

A job change, a relocation, or a change to a child’s schedule or needs can form the basis of a modification of child custody or visitation orders. If your situation requires it, our attorneys can help you work out a post-divorce modification as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are experienced with situations involving parent and child relocation within California and out of state.

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I am always so impressed with how honest and forthright Albert and Stefanie are. I was also amazed that when they told me that they were going to file paperwork, it was done that day - within the hour, actually. I have never experienced such expedient service. They do what they say they are going to...

Spring G.

Over the last 15 years, I've relied on Friske & Hilliard for legal services a number of times. I have been able to count on them to be understanding and patient with me. I've also known them to be aggressive with representing my interests. They are discreet and professional...

Matt K.

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